Mowers and Blowers

The students in Pre-Tech have been working very hard to refine their skills in diagnosing and repairing small engines. They started the year by learning about the function of a 4-stroke engine; how it works, what is happening inside an internal combustion engine, and what all the parts are and what they do. After breaking down an engine and putting it back together (in working order), they moved on to a project. We gathered some lawnmowers and a snowblower from the community and students had to repair them. They were responsible for finding a manual, diagnosing the issue(s), finding and ordering parts, and making the repairs. They have faced many challenged along the way and have almost completed the projects. A few mowers are back together and in running order. A few have just a little to go. And the snowblower has been nothing short of miraculous as it has come back together. That team inherited a cart of parts and has figured out how to put it back together without yet having the proper manual. Hopefully we’ll get the last of what we need for that soon, and can put the final touches on it to get it running again.


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