Compound Miter Saw

Compound Miter SawThe Compound Miter Saw, commonly called the chop saw, is one of the most often used tools in carpentry. This is the tool that is used for accurate cuts in length. It is the tool of choice for cutting bevels (see picture), miters (see picture), and simple cross-cuts (see picture), as well as compound miters (see picture). It can be used to cut window and door trim, baseboards, crown molding, flooring, and even framing. The compound miter saw is versatile for almost all cuts of length.

As technology has improved so have saws. The ability for a saw to slide front to back combined with the maneuverability to turn side to side and pivot on its axis has made for much flexibility in cut options. The compound miter saw can do a lot, but that also means the user must be extra careful when operating the tool. The operator must be aware that the saw still has limitations, and using extra wood is better than operating under dangerous conditions.

Students may go to class WIKI for assignments on video.

Safety Discussion on Voicethread

bosch manual 150pxFill in this spreadsheet to learn more about the parts on the Compound Miter Saw.Miter saw spreadsheet


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