Table Saw

The table saw is a great tool for customizing work. We use a compound miter saw, or chop saw, to cut lengths. The table saw is used for ripping specific widths. The table saw has a moveable fence which allows the tool to cut a workpiece to any width under 4 feet (this size changes based on the size of the table saw). The saw can be used for a variety of cuts, most running along the length of the board. The main cut the saw is used for is a simple rip cut. The blade on the saw can tilt on an angle to cut bevels into your board. You can change the blade, using a wider one, to cut dados or grooves into your board.

Because of the way the blade is stationed on the table saw, much care is needed when operating the tool. When operating the table saw it is important go slow and pay close attention to what you are doing. The tool in our shop has the Saw Stop Technology which greatly reduces risk of blade accidents. It is still important to avoid actions that could lead to injury. The table saw also has risk from kick-back, which is one of the most dangerous elements our our saw.


Complete the Safety Training Lesson


Get to know the parts of our table saw


Test your knowledge with this table saw gameagainst the grain


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